About Us

Pollock Planning Associates was founded in 1985. The firm has served a broad variety of clients on a fee-only basis for over thirty years. We believe that continuing guidance and education are essential building blocks for a sound financial plan. Being compensated on a fee-only basis allows us to be accessible, objective and to make decisions with only your best interests in mind. Our raison d’être is to help you realize your life-long financial goals.
Our mission is to achieve an unequaled standard of excellence in our profession by providing personalized value-added services. We endeavor to become indispensable to our clients by assisting them in making educated, intelligent financial decisions. We deliver this to our clients through comprehensive financial planning and investment management. We will continually develop new services and planning techniques to maintain our position on the cutting-edge of the wealth advisory process. We consistently strive to go beyond our client’s expectations. Our greatest reward is our client’s peace of mind.
We have felt strongly from the start that the fee-only model stands alone in allowing an advisor to act with an unmatched level of objectivity. We believe that an inherent conflict of interest exists should we stand to gain financially from any course of action or product that we recommend to you. We charge a fee for our services that is based primarily on the time involved to provide the service. Many advisors and salesmen who sell products use the term "fee-based" to describe their method of compensation. What this actually means is that, in addition to a commission received, they are also charging a fee for some of the services that they provide. While this may seem like a subtle distinction, in practice, when one has a hammer in their hands, everything starts looking like a nail. For example, a life insurance salesman is in a position to offer a range of products to solve just about any financial need be it retirement income, a savings vehicle or education funding. As a guard against an untimely demise, pure life insurance is unrivaled…in many other circumstances, there are far more elegant solutions.
We perceive financial planning as an on-going, dynamic process, as opposed to an event. As we identify specific financial goals or objectives, we will, in concert with you, develop planned steps to achieve them. Our services are provided on either a fixed-fee, retainer basis or as a percentage of assets under management. We would prefer that you feel free to call or meet with us for any reason as opposed to being forced to make a cost-benefit analysis with respect to each and every issue. Whether your goal is to put the children through college, buy that condo on the golf course or retire in the comfort that you’ve always envisioned, a consistent, methodical and proven approach will allow you to realize your objectives.