For most people, an impartial review of their risk management situation by a fee-only advisor will represent the first time that they have considered insurance in the presence of someone who isn’t attempting to sell them more.  We will evaluate your insurance needs and existing coverage will be reviewed for appropriateness and completeness.  We will make impartial recommendations addressing areas where coverage is lacking and where revisions are necessary.

As fee-only advisors, we do not sell any financial products, including insurance.  Because we are not licensed with any state insurance commission, we are unable to and DO NOT RECOMMEND specific property and liability coverage or insurance companies.

Understanding exactly what your coverage is with respect to property and casualty, health, disability, long-term care and liability is tremendously important.  Many individuals find after the fact that they are not adequately protected in certain situations.  “Yes, I’m covered at work” often eventually reveals that a client has a significant gap in their risk management plan.